Jedi Guardian


Stat & modifier
Str-14 +2
Dex-16 +3
Con-16 +3
Int-14 +2
Wis-17 +3
Cha-19 +4

Vit =13
Wound pts =16
Def =17
Speed =10
base atk =1
Initiative =7
Force pts =2


Deflect +1

Skills& total modifier
Balance =5
Bluff =5
Move silent =4

Force Skills
Affect mind =8
Force grip =4
Force lightning =4
Force strike =5
Heal another =5
Heal self =5
Illusion =7
Move object =5


Terapax Bio

Born Shortly after the establishment of the galactic empire, Terapax’s parents were killed in a savage battle, rumors quickly spread that the family was aiding the droid army with information. Terapax was hunted by his fellow townspeople for treason. Narrowly escaping to a nearby city he made his way to the capital begging for food, and seeking help from strangers who were always willing to provide. He never understood why they would always be so quick to help him when he simply asked things of them. He had discovered years later that he could project into peoples minds and get what he wanted, but it was a skill he never used except to survive in the harsh city growing up by himself. He would work odd jobs where he could to get paid and eventually by the age of 15 had found a nitch working at the space port. his job was going very well, for he could do the work of 6 men by himself, he could move crates and boxes using only his will to do so. He had heard of this ability as the force. and it was indeed a force to behold. In his entire planet he was the only person to have this skill so he hid it well. until one day when a very beautiful and strange ship landed in a near by port. He remembered looking up at the ship as it looked very expensive, A cruiser by the likes he had never seen before. And he caught himself wondering if he would have a better life elsewhere and he always had a feeling he was destined to leave his planet. On part, because he would have been killed for his talents as the residents saw force users with fear and anger, believing that the Jedi are the reason the war came to their planet so many, many, years ago. This day was indeed surprising as he was alone on the docks moving some crates after everyone had left him to do all the work, as he had proven he could do it before, they didn’t know how, they didn’t care, so long as they could head off to the cantina and leave the work to him. He was annoyed at first, but then took this time to train his abilities. This day he felt different, like someone was close by, so he was being ever so careful. He felt the eyes of someone watching him. He stops to look around calling out his co-workers names, No one responded. After he figured they were all gone he began to lift crates that would have taken a team of 6 to move. and that is when he felt it! like a knife being thrown past his cheek he lost focus and dropped one, as the contents spilled out all over the causeway he spun around to see what was almost a figure in the dark. He couldn’t make it out. And he wasn’t even completely sure was there, but he had that feeling. He decided to stop with his training and pick up the spilled vegetables… Then, he began to see them rise into the crate on their own… “Great he thought! now I can’t even control it!” He began to panic and back away slowly as all the fruits and veggies began tossing themselves into the container. He turned around to run but immediately struck a man and fell back. “fear not young man, I mean you no harm. I am a friend, a very… Special friend who can help you.” He was still scared at first. he didn’t know who this person was, or how long they had been there, but he had a feeling they knew everything! The man Could sense his fear and hesitation so he showed him why he should not fear. Lifting the last 8 crates with nothing more than a movement of his hand. and placing them to the side, He looked at terapax and said, “there, I believe this is the last of your work for today?” with shear amazement Terapax just nodded his head, and the man invited him to join him for a walk. My name is Stronus, he explained that he is an escort for a foreign dignitary, and that he knew of terapax the moment he stepped off the ship. “I began searching for you. powers like yours are not very common in this part of the galaxy, you have a special gift and with the right training you can be a powerful force for good, This planet is not friendly to the Jedi’s and we must take each visit with much caution, but I am sure our meeting was fated to happen.” He explained that he comes from a distant system where he and many other jedi’s like him focus and use their powers to help people. Terapax sat with the man and explained what had happened and why he hides his abilities, which Stronus understood all too well, having been a refugee himself he had a similar life but with the Jedi order he has found peace and learned many ways to help others. He offered Terapax a chance of a lifetime, he said, “come with me, I will bring you to the order and we will see to it that you never have to hide in fear again.” the deal was too sweet to miss, Terapax went home and packed what few belongings he had and met Stronus the next day, they left his home planet that early afternoon. Stronus asked him, “are you afraid to leave?” No, Terapax answered quickly. “This is good,” said Stronus, “for fear leads to the dark side, and that my friend is a path you do not want to venture down.”

-Fast Forward 15 years-
Terapax having graduated from the Jedi academy, Training under Stronus, and now a Jedi himself, Terapax is being sent on his first mission. After a deep meditation he saw the figure of his former master Stronus (who had passed on by natural causes), Informing him that he must embark on this journey to help him grow and understand his true potential, He must go to Corillia and meet another who is wise to the force. “This will begin your journey.” Under the approval of the Jedi council, Terapax finds himself on the planet Corillia, he came here with only a vision and the words of the master Yoda, “whole, a Jedi Master must be, the pieces of your past, you must discover. Then the truth you will know. true freedom, your reward will be.” He awaits for a sign in a small cantina, Unsure as to why, but the force has guided him here, and this is the place he will find that person.


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